Ayurveda for improving memory and IQ in children

Here comes the exam season, a lot of stress is laid on the ways to improve memory and here’s how it can be done through Ayurveda

Ayurveda provides a safe and lasting impact on your child’s mental health, reducing exam stress and improving performance.

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Psychological health or a healthy state of mind depends on the sense organs and their functions like awareness, sharpness, focus and attention which leads to good memory and decisiveness.

According to ayurveda, there could be many causes for poor memory and IQ, the primary ones being malnutrition and chemical imbalances in the brain functions which could be physiological or influenced by drugs and antibodies.

Ayurveda explains that the Kapha dosha (water and earth element) of the body is responsible for memory problems as vitiated kapha dosha leads to a dull mind or disinterestedness.

Similarly, vitiated Vata dosha (air element) also leads to stress and confusion, leading to the obstruction of knowledge and memory. Vata dosha is responsible for all nervous functions and memory.

So, in order to improve your memory, both Vata and Kapha dosha should be balanced. A combination of Vata and Kapha improves the memory.

Pitta Dosha (fire element) plays a major role in improving sharpness and IQ.

Even though Ayurveda recommends a personalized diet, the following basic qualities are considered before considering any diet recommendations:

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1. A diet which is light and detoxifying helps to remove the unwanted Kapha blocks and improves the Vata passages; a light diet improves the Pitta functions hence improves the IQ
2. Eat a balanced fresh, green vegetables, beans, carrots, oranges, nuts and ghee
3. Avoid cheese and meats
4. Ayurveda recommends palm sugar or honey as a long term diet to improve the balance between Vata, Pitta and Kapha in order to improve memory and IQ
5. Limited use of coffee helps improve memory and IQ

a. Increase physical activity to improves brain function and coordination
b. Some studies show that children playing for 30 minutes a day are sharper than children who don’t play at all
c. Yoga helps improve memory

Ayurevda Therapies

Ayurveda treatment like Shirodhara helps a lot. This therapy reduces anxiety, and improves concentration and IQ.

Studies show that Shirodhara mostly used in the imbalanced Vaat dosha and Pitta dosha . These two dosha have influence in creating imbalanced mental state (fear, anger, anxiety,stress, irregular emotional exhibitions , behavior problems etc)and psychosomatic disorders. The site of action of oil or medicine used in proximity  of major sinuses which are Vaat dominance sites according to Ayurveda.The micro vibrations are felt in between eyes on forehead which may be carried and further amplified in the frontal sinus and the little raised temperature activating the thalamus and basal brain .

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Shirodhara Treatment for Stress Relief at PoornaAyur, Race Couse, Coimbatore & Mahalingapuram, Pollachi

Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda recommends the application of Bramhi oil and Himasagara Thailam to improve blood circulation and remove toxins.

Medicines like Saraswatharishtam, Chyanavaprash, Manasamithra Vatakam, Swarna Bhasbam are taken and only after the prescription from registered Ayurvedic Practitioners

Saraswatharishtam is available at Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, Race Course, Coimbatore

The following herbs are very effective in improving concentration, memory, IQ and in reducing the hyper activeness etc
A. Bramhi – Helps to improve blood circulation to the brain – especially improves the cerebral blood vessels.
B. Bringaraj – Enhances psychological tolerance; improves memory and IQ
C. Shanka Pushpi – Improves concentration, memory and IQ
D. Triphala – Improves the detoxification process, metabolism and bio assimilation of nutrients to the brain and body cells

Yoga helps to improve blood circulation to the body and provides better oxygen availability to brain cells.
a. Sun salutations: 6-12 times of this improves brain functioning
b. Inverted Camel position: Improves IQ
c. Shoulder and Head Stand Positions: Improves blood circulation to the brain, concentration, IQ and destresses
d. Meditation and Pranayama – Helps to destress and provides better oxygen to the body and brain

One medicine or herb cannot improve a child’s memory, IQ and performance. A holistic lifestyle combined with diet, exercise, yoga, Pranayama, and love from parents and teachers can improve every aspect of the child.

Find out whats best for your child with our FREE  consultation at 0422-4212142 (Dr.Sajitha, Ayurveda Doctor in Coimbatore) or 04259-229418 (Dr.Ranjith David, Ayurveda Doctor in Pollachi)


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